Tal Hacmon
January 16, 2022

The Top 5 TikTok Tips and Tricks: Beginners Guide To Going Viral

1. Take advantage of current trends

The number one TikTok advice we can offer is to make sure you use whatever is trending at the time. A good tip for TikTok is to use trending sounds, memes, challenges, and hashtags as the basis for your videos.

2. Increase your account authority

When it comes to TikTok tips and tricks, content that comes from a trusted account is more likely to be viral. Create honest, engaging, and authentic content that utilizes TikTok's native tools and features. TikTok's algorithm will push your content higher. 

3. Follow up on your content quickly!

You should respond quickly with new video content if your TikTok video gains some traction. TikTok rewards video responses quickly and in a variety of ways, so a wave of responses can help a video go viral. Create new videos as soon as possible to maximize your reach and maintain your authority.

4. Keep video length short and snappy

Videos that are short and snappy are more likely to go viral. This will maximize the watch time and completion rate - metrics, which matter a lot on TikTok.

5. Use cross-promotion to boost engagement

You can use an existing fan base you have on another platform to your advantage by uploading your TikTok videos to that platform. Thanks for reading and don't forget to join our newsletter for more tips and tricks for creators.