Tal Hacmon
January 16, 2022

Short-form videos - the medium of the future

Short-form video content is the future, and it is clear to everyone. Researches show that when it comes to video marketing, less is more. Almost all small firms claim to measure a significant growth from the video content they've developed. Furthermore, we have anecdotal evidence from places like Facebook and Twitter, and every single platform is now integrating video into their program. Today's generation is obsessed with short-form videos. When the two are compared, there is a significant difference in consumption. People have become addicted to these bite-sized videos, losing a sense of time. Is it only the preference of today's generation, or is there something else? This blog will look at what makes short-form videos a favorite of everyone and why they are the medium of the future.

Reasons Why is Short-Form Video Content Is the Future?

Here are different reasons why online video will soon dominate your web time and how you, as a marketer, can use video to move your brand forward.

Low Barriers

With technological advancements steadily lowering the hurdles to entry, filmmakers now have the potential to create content–all in gorgeous HD–for a considerably lower budget than ever before. DSLR cameras, which are leading the charge, have matured into incredible filmmaking machines. Videographers can now generate stunning pictures for a fraction of the expense of even a half-decade ago. You can create extremely appealing videos with a good microphone, a high-quality sound recorder, a tripod, and a little editing flair. Shooting and producing a professional-grade video requires a significant amount of ability and expertise.

Consume lesser time

People nowadays prefer to get right to the point. As you may have seen, the most appealing and entertaining advertising is simple and direct. People prefer conciseness. You might conduct the best research and generate the best content in the world for various social media platforms. But if you don't shorten it or make it bite-sized, you might not get the desired results. It's as easy as that: you respect people's time, and they respect your content. Less is more in today's world.

High Level of Engagement

Every month, about six billion hours of video are watched. More video is being consumed all the time, but so are the possibilities to consume video. It is mostly due to the high degree of engagement and viewing. If brands do not embrace short-form content, they pass up a significant potential. Sixty-five percent of people watch video on an iPhone or an Android device. And millennials usually check their devices nearly 22 times per day. This content is not only trend-based but is also designed to be enjoyable and light-hearted rather than polished and highly produced on various social media platforms. It doesn't matter if the information is from our best friend in school or a Malaysian student; what matters is that it is timely and relevant to my interests.

Provide Immense Experience

Short-form video is particularly effective because it can provide consumers with immersive experiences, leading to great results for companies. Innovative video formats, new ideas, music, and sound-on by default environments ensure that users are always engaged with something new, resulting in a combination of visual and audio stimulation that is difficult to ignore. Instead of social connections, videos are discovered through a content graph, which provides the surprise and excitement of each video being something new that the user hasn't actively sought. When you open an app like TikTok, you are confronted with a deluge of new trends that appear and regularly grow on different social media platforms. These include learning a new dance routine, new music, viewing a beauty hack that demonstrates how to use dry shampoo properly, and participating in a Hashtag Challenge to help push a new trend. Companies have numerous opportunities to participate in these trends and thus have a voice in the conversations that shape today's culture.

Boost Business

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but videos shared are worth at least a million! After watching a brand's video on social media with apt music, people say they are more likely to make a buy. Brands can experiment with videos with different music types to see how they can dynamically promote their products and services.

Reach a larger number of people through several platforms

You don't like making a video? Yes, we understand that it can be time-consuming, but consider this: you can post a single movie to several sites. It is possible to share it on Instagram stories, reels, IGTV, Facebook Stories, Pinterest Videos, Tiktok, and other platforms. Each platform has unique users, which leads to more reach, and increased reach leads to increased revenue and best videos.

The democratic way of creating the content

Short-form video platforms are widely regarded as the most democratic means of making content. It is because they have exposed the content producer, who lives within the majority of us. People began using these apps to express their artistic side to the world without investing in expensive settings or spending a lot of time. The audiences also appreciated enjoyable snackable video content that did not take up much of their time in their hectic life.

Affective Marketing Strategy

The goal of making short videos is to make them snackable. Because our attention span is dwindling, every second that a video concludes faster makes it more desirable. Our world has never been faster, and everyone is adjusting without even realizing it. Because the audience has more essential things to do, it's critical to keep videos as brief as possible.

Top Short-form video content Platforms

Instagram reels

Snapchat's introduction of video stories allowed other platforms to catch up on short videos, such as Instagram. Instagram Reels gives adults and young users a more basic approach to sharing their creative ability and day with others. Instead of being permanently displayed, it uses brief photo and video that is only available for 24 hours. Engagement is now encouraged, especially since Instagram included the Swip option. It has enabled marketers to flux their products while making instant messaging more convenient.


The social media platform TikTok has and continues to disrupt the social environment, with over 84 million monthly active users in the United States and over 2 billion app downloads. They see themselves as the go-to place for short-form mobile video. The app's special effects and tools enable everyone to be creative in their video. We're seeing the rise of a new generation of influencers in various fields, including finance, nutrition, mental health, and so much more. TikTok fosters authenticity, allowing people to be completely themselves. The wacky, perhaps useless stuff is a much-needed social media reset.

Youtube shorts

Shorts is a new short-form video marketing strategy for makers and artists who want to shoot short, catchy music videos on their phones. With YouTube Shorts, YouTube has been attempting to establish its TikTok-style feature, and it appears to be working. This watching videos platform now claims to have crossed 5 trillion views on Shorts and plans to expand income options for Shorts artists. YouTube Shorts allows anyone to reach a new audience by utilizing only a smartphone and the Shorts camera in the YouTube app. With our multi-segment camera and YouTube's Shorts creation tools, you can easily produce short-form videos up to 60 seconds long. YouTube Shorts, like Instagram Reels, were developed to compete with TikTok's success; but, with Shorts growing more features and monetization, it appears it may carve out its niche in the creator market. YouTube is currently developing new features for Shorts, including many brands content arrangements, a YouTube platform that connects businesses and creators. In addition, the company is in the early phases of testing shopping integrations. Youtube has been trying live shopping in several markets and hopes to grow through partnerships.

How can you create short-form video content for your business?

If you own a business, this short-form video marketing can be quite beneficial in increasing traffic to your website, gaining social media followers, and generating leads. So, what can your company do with these tools? How about this: 1. It only takes 6 to 15 seconds to explain easy home repairs or demonstrate fun and productive marketing strategy. 2. Use an engaging, interactive device or game to deliver your company's narrative in little chunks. 3. Can you explain why your company is unique without using words? Use an interactive photo album if possible. 4. The contest is a clever and enticing technique to increase subscribers and create leads from the material on your website. Someone is always ready and willing to participate in a contest.


It is not an exaggeration to say that short-form videos have dominated the digital world. The trend started with Tiktok and has since spread to Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. The transition from text-based content to video should be a no-brainer for digital marketers since it can do wonders for the firms they represent. They are known to increase client loyalty and, of course, brand remembers while ensuring robust consumer engagement.