Roy Hermann
January 16, 2022

AI is the new creators essential: How artificial intelligence is changing the way we create

AI is changing the way we create. AI-powered tools are becoming more and more common, and they are changing the landscape of creativity. AI can help you with everything from ideation to execution, from writing, to design. In this blog post, we will discuss how AI is changing the way we create, and how you can start using AI-powered tools to improve your own creativity!

A(i) winning formula

Human creativity + AI = Better & Faster content To illustrate how to leverage artificial intelligence into content creation, I believe the best example to use is ourselves (:  At Supercreator, we consider ourselves as both a company and a content creator. On the creator side, we share news on the creator economy, conduct interviews with key figures, and provide social media tips and guides on how to become more viral, create better content, and transform yourself into a successful creator - a supercreator. We're using AI to help us create content. It allows us to produce more content in less time while maintaining great quality as a small team. What are some examples of how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to generate content?

Social media posts

There are a few ways that creators can leverage AI to create social media posts without the assistance of a developer’s team. One way is by using a social media management tool that has an AI component, such as Hootsuite Insights or buffer. This will allow users to input what they want the AI to post and it will automatically generate the content for them. Another way is by using chatbots, which are becoming increasingly popular on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Chatbots can be used to automate the creation of posts or even respond to comments and queries from followers. Ai can also help you with creating graphics where you can use some cool tools such as for background removals or  One of the most recent and widely used applications of AI in social media is automated content production tools. Using machine learning and natural language processing, this new technology allows social media and content specialists to create logical, coherent material (NLP) there are some cool tools using this technology such as ai-writer and Jasper which I recommend to give them a try. 

Social media Reels / Tiktok (Short form videos)

We use our own Supercreator app to make short-form videos. The app can assist you in taking your video creation from the ideation stage to creation by suggesting topics to discuss that are relevant to your target audience, or you can turn an article you've written or found interesting on the web into a ready-to-use script that you can shoot right in the app. The app will also add a green screen or augmented reality background that is relevant to the context of the article or topic you're discussing. So we are basically able to create a viral and interesting short-form video in 90 seconds. 

Writing and blogging

There are a few ways that creators can leverage AI to write content. One way is to use AI services to help you come up with ideas for articles or blog posts. There are a number of different services out there that will offer you topic suggestions based on your keywords and then provide you with a list of related articles. This can be helpful if you're struggling to come up with new content ideas or if you want to explore other topics in your niche. Another way that creators can use AI is by using it to help them create or edit their content. Services like Grammarly offer automatic grammar checking and correction, which can help ensure your writing is polished and error-free. Tools like Wordtune also offer assistance with creating well-structured content using natural language processing techniques. We are using a lot, which assists me with composing content, rephrasing text, creating an intro paragraph and a conclusion, along with many other things. It's a fantastic AI tool that saves us a ton of time when it comes to blogging and content creation.

Repurposing content

Another great use of AI in the content creation process is repurposing.  When it comes to content creation, repurposing content is a great way to save time and create new content while still staying on topic. Repurposing content simply means taking existing content and using it in a new way. This could mean turning a blog post into a video, turning a video into an infographic, or even turning a social media post into a blog post. AI can help with this process by automatically extracting the key points from an existing piece of content and then creating a new piece of content based on those points. This is a great way to create fresh, new content without starting from scratch. A great tool to turn video into text we use alot is which allows us to take the interview we conduct and make them into a blog article. There are a number of AI-powered tools that can help with repurposing content, such as Quillbot and AI ReWriter. These tools can help you automatically rewrite existing content or generate new content based on a set of keywords. This is a great way to quickly create new content without spending hours writing it yourself.

What does the future hold for AI and creators?

As AI continues to evolve, it will only become better at assisting with content creation. AI services are already becoming more sophisticated, and they are able to do more than just basic grammar checking and content generation. In the future, AI will become even better at understanding human language and responding in a way that is natural and relevant. AI will also become better at understanding the context of a situation and providing more accurate information.  This will be especially helpful for creators who are looking to create content that is timely and relevant to their audience. AI-powered tools will also become more user-friendly and accessible, making them even easier to use for content creation.  On social media, we can already see virtual AI creators growing in popularity and gaining followers. Another significant advantage AI will provide to creators is the capacity to produce higher-quality work while keeping a healthy work-life balance and avoiding burnout. AI is changing the way we create and it’s only going to become more important as time goes on. We’re excited to see what new innovations are created with the help of AI and how they will change the landscape of content creation. 

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