Tal Hacmon
January 16, 2022

5 hashtags mistakes you are making 

If you are like most content creators, you are probably using hashtags to help your posts get seen by more people. But are you doing it right? Here are 5 mistakes that you may be making with hashtags. Avoid these mistakes and your posts will reach more people in no time!

Putting too many hashtags on your posts 

It can seem spammy and overwhelming to your followers. Try to stick to around five hashtags per post for optimal performance.

Not using any hashtags at all 

Makes it difficult for people who are looking to find your content. Add a couple of hashtags relevant to your post for maximum exposure.

Using the same hashtags over and over again 

It can make your posts look like you're not putting any effort into them. Be creative and use different hashtags for each post.

Using hashtags for all kinds of unrelated topics  

I just saw a post that is hashtagged with #funny, #love, #foodporn, and #bae. It's not clear what this has to do with each other.

Using irrelevant hashtags

Another common mistake is using irrelevant hashtags. This may be hashtags that are too general, hashtags that only have a few posts associated with them, or hashtagged words that aren’t relevant to your post. I saw a post with the hashtags #traveling and #hypebeast in it but there wasn't anything about traveling or hypebeasts in the post.

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